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  •   Gateway Project Poll

    The City intends to create a new public space at the corner of the 9th St. and Valley Mall Parkway. Please watch a short video outlining the concept and then take the online poll.

  •   Mayor's Report from the September 9, 2014 City Council Meeting

    Click the link to view the report.

  •   Mayor's Report from the August 26, 2014 CIty Council Meeting

    Mayor Pro Tem Detering noted we will have a Transportation Benefit District (TIB) meeting on September 9, 2014, prior to the City Council meeting at 6 p.m., so Council should arrive a half an hour early to attend. Mayor Pro Tem Detering gave a review regarding his trip to Misawa, he said it went extremely well, it was one of the best we have had regarding lack of problems, 11 adults and 5 students went, they spent two days touring Tokyo and Kamakura before they went to Misawa, the weather was hot and humid with a little rain but decent. He said Misawa will be sending a Delegation of 22 members here for the Wings & Wheels Event. The Sister City Association is in the process of finalizing the schedule, and they are still looking for host families for students.

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